Why is this book in your hands? Curiosity? A fluke? Fate?

I faced the same question a few years back.

Maybe your life is great. Perhaps you’re worn out from the day-to-day struggles of life. Or, maybe you feel like I did—lost, broken and searching endlessly for peace.

No matter your situation in life or how you feel, the contents in this little book will bring light and clarity on your journey.

Now it’s up to you. Read this book or don’t. No matter your decision, the ripple effects will reach every aspect of your life for generations to come.

Be sure to know, this book is all about one of the most controversial and consequential figures of all time:

Jesus of Nazareth.

You, no doubt, have your own views of Jesus. I sure had my view of Him that included years of assumptions, hearsay, and opinions. Frankly, though, I was just too busy in my life and didn’t have the time or desire to find out who He really was.

Was He a prophet? A rebel? A liar? A miracle worker? Today, many people have reduced Him to a curse word, a lucky charm to be dangled from a gold chain, or a tattoo.

In reading this book, I discovered the real Jesus for myself. In doing so, I unexpectedly stepped out of the darkest days of my journey and found exactly what I’d been searching for—peace and purpose. I want the same for you.

Turn the page and find out why this book fell into your hands. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

— Fellow Traveler

The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.