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Because we have amazing partners who believe in this important work — and friends like you — we can offer these books free of charge to whoever wants them. Plus Nothing has no overhead so every dollar you donate goes directly to spreading the Gospel.

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Each book costs $1.10 to print.

high impact giving opportunities

Are you ready to take spreading the Gospel to the next level? We have unique giving opportunities — domestically and internationally — to take a large-scale need and turn it into a large-scale impact.

We have identified more than a dozen countries where these books are desperately needed or if God has placed an area of impact on your heart, you can ship a full pallet — 5,400 books — for just $6,000 to anywhere in the world.

Would you help us spread this message of good news far and wide?

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Help us turn the map red. For the protection of those bringing the gospel into sensitive areas, many countries are not represented on the map.

We have shipped copies to churches, missionaries, non-profits, feeding centers, prisons, nursing homes, respite care centers, small groups, evangelists, for profit businesses, homeless care, outreach centers, college campus ministries, police departments, fire departments and U.S. military.

The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.